Exclusive Speaker Interview with Mauro Boldi, System Engineer, Telecom Italia

Mauro Boldi.docxMauro Boldi from Telecom Italia will discuss the results of the leading industry project EARTH, at Telco Energy & Infrastructure Efficiency. Here he discusses why industry collaboration and cooperation is so important when optimising the energy use of 4G/LTE networks.


What importance does Telecom Italia put on improving energy efficiency?

Telecom Italia is actively committed to improve Energy Efficiency in its organization and by means of a constant standardization effort.

What key steps are you making within your organisation to minimise carbon emissions?

There are many initiatives on-going, some of them in close cooperation with the Italian Government. Regarding mobile radio access, as an example, a plan to substitute older equipment with new and more energy efficient ones is well advanced.

Why is industry collaboration needed to optimise the energy use of 4G/LTE networks?

Without the cooperation of all the actors playing a role in this framework it is not possible to reach the goal of improved energy efficiency in mobile radio access. To give an example, equipment vendors are primarily responsible for the equipment, whilst operators, in turn, are more responsible for the usage of equipment and network overall management. Both issues are of capital importance for EE.

What does your role in ETSI Technical Standard for Energy Efficiency of radio access networks involve and what are the Association’s main objectives?

In leading ETSI EEPS WI on Mobile Access Network efficiency Telecom Italia confirms its commitment in the EE topics; the WI can be of relevant importance since its scope is focussed on the definition of metrics and methods of measurement for EE in real networks, currently not available in a standardized form throughout Europe.

How do you see operators’ approach to energy efficiency changing in the near future and what should they be focussing their efforts on?

More than a paradigm change, I expect the efforts towards more energy efficient approaches in all the sectors of operators’ networks and organizations to be strengthened, with standardization and government entities playing an important role.

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